Card Personalization Center

We at Activate are very proud of our personalization center. We have invested in state-of-the-art technology in order to provide a complete range of card personalization services, with technical support from our partner Oberthur Technologies.

We work closely with our clients in an ongoing process in order to personalize cards to suite their needs and requirements. We strive to identify ways in which our clients’ requirements can be improved upon or expanded further to their advantage creating business opportunities.


Security in and around our personalization center is of utmost importance as a direct result of working with Governmental Organizations and other high profile clients. We cover security using the following aspects:

There are over 22 IP-CCTV cameras located at specified areas within the facility. These cover entry points, store room, personalization room, staff areas, facility perimeters, support center and other strategic areas.

Our facility perimeter has been equipped with round the clock trained security personnel who monitor in/out human traffic. Access is granted with predetermined appointments and clearance. Goods are received through a separate entrance and by properly appointed personnel.

At strategic areas around our facility there are access control systems which use biometric identification in order to gain admission to the specified location. This is in order to allow admittance to only those personnel who have been cleared for that purpose.

Our strong room is used to store those personalized cards which have been printed and are ready for delivery to our clients. This room has a steel door with access control, CCTV cameras and access rights granted to a minimal number of personnel.

We take all measures necessary in order to guarantee a safe and secure environment for our clients trust and peace of mind. This includes security awareness training for each and every staff of Activate Technologies.

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“When you are in a dedicated and highly experienced team consisting of software architects/developers, IT infrastructure optimization you know the image you have to project to people. You have to be agile and authoritative; Activate Technologies Limited is the way to go for creative technology solutions.”

Mohammed S. Musa
Founder & CEO, Activate Technologies Limited

Card Personalization EnvironmentOur personalization facility meets the following standards:

  • Dust-free Area
  • Strong Electricity System
  • Fresh Air System: Air circulation is more than 10times per hour.
  • Air Shower System: These are located at entrances.
  • TV Monitoring System
  • Access Control System
  • Fire Extinguishing System
  • Grounding System
  • Safety Computer Room

Printing Capacity


Number of Cards printed per hour (per machine)


Number of printing production lines


Cumulative number of cards per hour


Number of operating hours per day


Total number of cards per day

Network Infrastructure

Activate Technologies Limited is equipped with a state of the art modern network design. With the attendant gigabit speed network, Cisco ASA Firewall, Gigabit Catalyst switches that are all configured to provide a robust and secured computerized facility. Activate Technologies has a secured fiber optic backbone that connects it to the global community and enables high speed data transmission and communication.

Storage Capacity

Storage vault facilities are provided for the secure storage of printed cards and has a capacity of over 10million cards. Admittance into the vaults is controlled via access control panels and reinforced steel doors.

Support Center

Activate Technologies has at is core the best interest of its clients and as such provides a dedicated technical support center available in order to answer any queries/questions and where necessary on-site expert technician.


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